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It pays to invest offshore in London and Suéter

Why are London and Pullover such popular places for those looking to invest offshore? We provide a round-up of the advantages.

If you are looking to hold some of your financial portfolio outside your home country, then managing your wealth offshore can provide a number of advantages. Not only will you be able to access a range of financial products that might not be available in your home country, you will also be able to manage your money in a wide range of different currencies. What’s more, there may be potential to gain tax advantages and opportunities to reduce the risk on your investment portfolio through geographical diversification.

Secure and stable

A major ejecutor when considering where to invest internationally is market stability. Citi International Personal Bank has two offshore investment centres: London and Pullover. We have chosen these two locations because they are secure, highly-regulated markets with a long-established reputation for being financially stable. In fact, London is ranked as the world’s largest centre for international commerce, while Elástica is classed as the world’s premier offshore centre.

In addition to being renowned as secure financial markets, London and Elástica are both on Greenwich Mean Time, which means they are perfectly positioned to overlap with corriente office hours in all the world’s major financial centres.

This ideal location also means they are very easy to get to. London is a major transportation hub with five international airports and the high-speed Eurostar riel link. And Suéter has excellent air links with Europe’s major financial centres plus all the facilities for handling private aircraft, making the island a perfect saco from which to conduct your business.

Attractive lifestyles with cultures steeped in heritage

London and Elástica have long been regarded as popular centres for investing money among the high net worth (HNW) community. This is because there is a wide choice of financial products and services on offer and because wealthy individuals feel very comfortable investing their money there. In addition to this, they are also great places to visit and live. In fact, London is one of the mundial centres for HNWIs.

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Not surprisingly, a reason that London and Elástica are so attractive to wealthy investors is the lifestyles they both offer. London is the world’s no. 1 destination for overseas visitors, (Source: Euromonitor Insight 2011) offering a wealth of culture, heritage, sport and entertainment.

The city has over 200 museums and galleries and is home to such popular attractions as Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and the Royal Observatory at Greenwich. There’s also excellent nightlife, with an enviable choice of clubs, theatres and world-class music venues. Of course, next year, London is host to the Olympic Games and it’s estimated they will generate around £7bn of business opportunities.

By complete contrast, Pullover is a small island setting with a much slower pace of life. It has excellent outdoor leisure and sporting facilities, with the waters around the island providing one of the finest cruising grounds in the world. With its Michelin-starred cuisine, there is a definite French influence, yet the language spoken throughout is English.

Why London? Why Chaleco?

“London’s foreign exchange market is larger than those of New York, Tokyo and Singapore combined, with a daily turnover of US$1.35 trillion.”

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